Yum by Amna is a Luxe bakery that has been around for ten years. We specialise in celebration cakes, desserts as well as savouries. At Yum we use the best quality ingredients to ensure unparalleled taste, freshness and value.


Celebrate your first and forever hero! The man whose love is your shield,  and his wisdom your sword. With him as your hero,  you are ready to face any battle life throws your way !

These will be available for pick-up or delivery


our gift hampers, that are available in various sizes and contain a variety of delicious goodies , are the perfect solution to your gifting needs. They are perfect for so many different occasions and for any recipient. Even when you are struggling to think of a gift for someone, at Yum by Amna, we will always have a gift hampers as a back up,or even better, the ideal gift that expresses your love.


Mothers are the  most special  people in our lives. although we can never celebrate them enough or thank them for all they do for us, nevertheless, these tokens are surely bound to make her feel special & loved

These will be available for pick-up or delivery

Dessert/plain cakes (available everyday)

These cakes are available everyday and can be customised by adding a message  ,used by adding a message. Delicious, fresh and beautiful, these make for the perfect present for a loved one’s birthday or a delectable meal\tea time dessert

Fancy cakes (available everyday)

These have been a hit since they were launched. These 2.5-3 lbs cakes not only taste like a dream but are also very aesthetically pleasing. Add a message and they are the perfect celebration present. Forgot to order a cake for a birthday? Just walk in and pick one of these beauties. These come in various flavours and designs . .Please whatsapp or call for more information on the available designs and flavours.


Delicious, soft, melt-in-the-mouth cupcakes that are available everyday. Pick regular sized ones or mini ones that come in a dozen packaging.

Customized Cakes

Customised celebration cakes are our forte and something we absolutely love crafting. Having made these cakes for over 14 years now, each cake is as special to us as it is to you. These cakes are not only beautiful to look at but also a treat for your taste buds

You may choose a picture from our gallery, our Instagram or just sketch a design you fancy and we’ll craft it for you.

Alphabet/ number dessert boxes

Our stand-out product that makes for the perfect present. Get an initial box as a beautiful gift or a number box to signify the birthday. These are available in various colour schemes and designs.


our desserts are second to none. Be it the classic Opera cake or our white chocolate fruit tart, we ensure variety, quality and taste.


The perfect tea accompaniment. Baked fresh everyday


Made fresh everyday using the highest quality ingredients

Sandwiches & Savouries

We have a range of sandwich’s & other savories that are made fresh every few hours. Try the chicken & mushroom vol au vents, classic chicken patties or chicken bread. Fancy something different: try our feta chilli dip with pita chips or the French onion dip. These savories are also available in pre-set platters that can be gifted to share the love & the deliciousness

Cookie Jars & Gift Boxes

 Our extensive and delicious range of cookies that come in beautiful jars that are available everyday. Get them for your tea time or gift a box of cookie jars to show your love

Dessert Tables

Yum By Amna dessert tables have always been a show-stopper at any event. Beautifully displayed, thoughtfully curated desserts that are bound to elevate any celebration. Please Call or WhatsApp us for menu & customized packages .

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